Equip is all about training for ongoing gospel ministry and mission.

Group of people at Equip

We want to teach, train, encourage and equip Christians (new and mature) as witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their spheres of life.

As such, Equip aims to work in partnership with South Australian Churches and Christian Organisations of any denomination who value a strong Biblical witness to advance the cause of the gospel.

Equip is open to all, but eagerly supported by the evangelical network across South Australia, providing a greater breadth and depth of training than any one church could produce by itself.

Equip is a ministry of EFAC – SA.

Equip Saturday

This training day (usually held annually March/April) aims to train and equip Christians, new or mature, to handle to Word of God correctly and put it into practice in a wide range of ways. Subject topics include: Home/Small Group Leading, Apologetics, Evangelism, Church Gatherings, Parenting, Cross Cultural Ministry, Christian Living, Children’s Ministry and Relationships.

Equip Youth: Multiply

This training conference (usually held on the last week of January) aims to train and equip current and potential youth leaders to serve with Bible in hand in their current and future church or ministry contexts. Each conference consists of a mix of Expositional Bible Talks, Strand Groups (four in total, one a year looking at a core biblical discipline), and Workshops (focusing on relevant youth ministry issues or matters).

Equip Preaching

This training (often run over a few days) is aimed to help start, develop and then further support Christians who are serious about understanding and then expounding God’s Word. Would-be preachers or new preachers through to experienced preachers will benefit depending on the specific preaching course offered. They have included: Preaching for Beginners, Preaching the Passage, Preaching to Engage Today, Preaching to a Post-Post Modern World, Evangelistic Preaching and Preaching Christmas.

Equip Pastors

This training aims to serve and support pastors and ministry workers who themselves are serving and supporting others – be that in their churches or ministries. It brings together people who have a unique empathy with another who knows the privileges and burdens of ministry. Those asked to teach are always known for their experience and ability in the subject area taught.

Our prayer is that Equip may serve and meet your training needs in order to assist in developing you or those you invite, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the end so the earth. Hoping to see you at Equip.